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Newsletter September 2011


Pride of Shropshire Award:

As you are probably all aware by now, Withington won a ‘Pride of Shropshire’ award (promoted by the Shropshire Star and sponsored by Denso), in the Environmental Project category. Jon Scutt put the village forward, for the community involvement in the Village Green and its development, the new Church roof and heating, work on the Parish Room, and the Village website. He went to the award ceremony at the Football Ground with Marion Hillaby and Ron Lucas. There is a trophy (to be seen in the Hare and Hounds) and £500 for the village.


Dogs in the Village:

The Dog warden, Jane Salisbury, attended the last Parish Council meeting. She reminded us that it is against the law for dogs to be off the lead on any public road, and that she can collect them as strays. There is then a fee for returning the dog. It is also not acceptable to ‘flick’ dog dirt off the road, or put it down gullies. In recreational areas, dogs can be requested to be kept on leads, and dog dirt must be removed. Bags of dog dirt must be disposed of in proper waste bins – if left around they are litter.


Community Tree Scheme:

This is running again this year, for trees and hedging, to be planted where they are visible to the public. Deadline for applications – 2nd December, and delivery -  February 2012. There is also the national tree planting campaign, providing larger trees for public spaces. Any requests or suggestions to the tree warden, Alan Stone on 709105, or


Litter on the Village Green (and elsewhere):

Rubbish, including bottles and cans, is being left on the Village Green, which makes it less pleasant for others to use. Please put it in the bin at the entrance opposite the pub, or take it home and dispose of it properly – some may be recyclable.


Community transport:

The Shropshire Link bus can now take you to Shrewsbury High Street, or the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. You do have to register for the service, and trips have to be arranged in advance, by phoning 0345 678 9068. From Withington, journeys can be arranged for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, between 9.30am and 2.30pm (term time). The buses are wheelchair and pushchair friendly, and free if you have a bus pass – adult return fare otherwise £3.00. Some recent trips have been going on a Monday starting 9.30am at the Hare and Hounds, returning from Shrewsbury at 1.30pm. You can, however, arrange your own times and pick up points. Any queries, contact Lesley Stone (709105). ‘Use it or lose it’


Domestic Heating Oil Purchase Scheme:

Would you be interested in saving money on your domestic heating oil? It may be possible to set up a bulk purchase scheme, say 3 or 4 times per year. If you are interested, please contact Lesley Stone, or another Councillor, AND come to the next Parish Council meeting (5th October)


Parish Events:

Friday 9th September: 7.30pm: Harvest Auction and BBQ: Hare and Hounds.

Wednesday 21st September: 6.30pm: Churchyard Grass Cutting.

Saturday 1st October: 7.30pm: Village Supper Party at the Old Hall.

Wednesday 5th October: 10.30am: free Coffee Morning: Parish Room.

Wednesday 5th October: 6.30pm: Churchyard Grass Cutting.

Wednesday 5th October: 7.30pm: Withington Parish Council meeting: Parish Room.

Saturday 15th October: 7.30pm: Flicks in the Sticks: ‘Inspector Drake: The Movie’ Parish Room

Wednesday 2nd November: 10.30am: free Coffee Morning: Parish Room.

Saturday 5th November: 6.30pm: Bonfire and Fireworks: Village Green.

Saturday 3rd December: 2.30pm: Christmas Fayre: Parish Room.

Wednesday 7th December: 10.30am: free Coffee Morning: Parish Room.

Wednesday 21st December: Evening: Carols round the Tree: Village Green.


Know Your Council:


Chairman                                 Lesley Stone                            709105

Treasurer                                 Alan Williams                         709282

Councillors                              Ron Lucas                               709665

Shirley Davies                         709641

                                                Phil Heath                               709430

Clerk                                       Tom Taylor                                       709676



Email Addresses:

The easiest and quickest way of passing information is by email. The Clerk now has some of your addresses, but it would be helpful to have more. Please send them to the address above. Thank you.



Don’t forget to keep checking the Withington Website,  for up-to-date information.

Newsletter February 2011

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Withington Parish Council Newsletter February 2011

Withington Website:

There is a new and much improved website (created by Nick Williams). It has a lot of information about the village and what’s going on. Please visit it at  There is a lot more information that can be added, so give us your ideas!


Parish Precept:

At the meeting of the Parish Council on 12th January, it was agreed to reduce the Parish Precept from £6000 to £5000 for 2011-2012. This will cut the payment per household by an average of  £11 per annum

The reduction is possible as the Village Green is now self-funding.


Do You Own Land That Abuts The Shrewsbury Canal?

The Shrewsbury & Newport Canals Trust (SNCT) was formed in 2000 and has come a long way in ten years.  Over those years, some details of landowners along the canal’s original route have been collected, but many have not.  Some landowners have moved and ownership has changed. The Trust would now like to update and complete its records and also post a free copy of its quarterly Newsletter, entitled S&News, to everyone whose land abuts the canal’s path, to keep them informed of progress.  The Newsletter is in the form of a booklet, which also gives information about the canals’ history; news of events and achievements; fund-raising progress and much more.  If you have access to the Internet, there are many back issues you may view on our website too  So, if you live in the Parish of Withington, are a landowner whose land abuts the route of the canal and would like to receive a copy in future, please contact Bernie Jones on 01743 709601 or  who will ensure that your copy is sent to you in future.


Village Green:

The work planned for the Village Green has nearly been completed. A recent work party planted 16 trees, and replaced some of the hedging that had failed to survive. Some more gravel was spread on the path. All this is funded by the Veolia Environmental Trust.  The Local Joint Committee is paying for a picnic table and some benches, along with items for use at events – tents and a barbecue The Village Green Committee would like to thank all those living in the vicinity of the Green for their patience while the work has been going on.



The severe winter weather has brought with it some road problems. It’s hoped to get some more grit boxes for tricky spots. Help with spreading the grit, when appropriate, would be appreciated. The potholes at Hunkington, and on the lane towards Rodington will hopefully be dealt with. If there are any other issues, please let your Council know.


Police Advice:

Our local Police Officer, Ray Foster, advised at the last Parish Council that valuable property of the sort that can easily be lost or stolen, can now be registered on a website which police check. The website is



Many residents still complain about dog fouling. We appeal to all residents with dogs to clean up dog mess out of respect for their friends and neighbours.



Much the easiest way of keeping you in touch with what is going on is through email. If I don’t already have yours (you will have received messages from me if I have it), please send it to me at



These are the events planned to raise fund for Church/Parish Room

Dates for your Diary …

Saturday 12th March     Flicks in the Sticks – Made in Dagenham: Parish Room @ 7:30      tickets £4 709236 or 709698    
Saturday 2nd April      Fun Quiz with an Italian theme: Parish Room @ 7:30     

Saturday 16th April     Easter Egg Bingo:        Parish Room @ 6:30             
Saturday 14th May       Supper Party:   Rowan House 

Saturday 28th May      Flicks in the Sticks – The Kings Speech: Parish Room           
Sunday 12th June        Open Gardens:            Village Green + gardens        
Saturday 25th June      Church Fete & Beagle Racing:     Village Green          
Saturday August/Sept    Harvest Auction: Hare & Hounds          
Saturday 3rd September  Youth Concert :  St John’s Church               
Saturday 1st October    Horse Racing:    Parish Room            
Saturday 5th November   Family Bonfire and Fireworks:    Village Green          
Saturday 19th November  Flicks in the sticks  (to be arranged)

Saturday 3rd December   Christmas Fayre :Parish Room


Also – In aid of the Village Green, it is planned to have another ‘Funday’ on Sunday May 22nd.



Know Your Council:


Chairman                                 Ron Lucas                               709665

Vice Chairman                        Shirley Davies                         709641

Treasurer                                 Alan Williams                         709282

Councillors                              Phil Heath                               709430

                                                Lesley Stone                            709105

Clerk                                       Tom Taylor                                       709676


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