WPC Minutes 9th January 2013

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    (Draft minutes subject to confirmation)

Withington Parish Council



                Meeting  held on Wednesday 9th January 2013 at 7.30 pm in the Parish Room.


Present: Councillors Lesley Stone (Chairman), Shirley Davies, Alan Williams and Phil Heath. Tom Taylor (Parish Clerk). Gill Porter (Shropshire RCC) and 7 members of the public.


66/2012: Welcome:

Cllr. Stone welcomed everyone.


67/2012: Apologies:

Cllr. Ron Lucas, Shrops. Cllr. John Everall, Mathew Mead.


68/2012:  Parish Plan:

Gill Porter, Community and Rural Development Co-ordinator for Shropshire RCC (formerly Community Council of Shropshire), talked about the renewal of the Parish Plan. Much of the process is as before; what is new is Localism, which includes the Community right to bid for assets, and neighbourhood plans. The plan can cover items such as roads, communications, services, dogfouling, and funding.

The Plan becomes part of the Shrewsbury ‘Place Plan’, which helps to prioritise issues.

Funding for doing the plan can come from Shropshire Council - £100 to ‘kick-start’ and up to £1000 to produce. Some matched funding is required, but work in kind can be included. The RCC has a ‘Tool-kit’ and can offer help.

It was agreed to set up a steering group, and to invite members of the community to have their say. A newsletter will be produced soon with further information


69/2012: Public Forum:

Bernie Jones commented that there were a lot of new members of the community, and asked what contact was being made with them. They had been visited and given copies of the Parish Plan. They will also receive the newsletter.

Cllr. Stone has heard from Jenny Newby that she has a footpath map. However, it appears not to be correct.

Cllr. Stone also said that Sandie was keen to restart the Saturday morning stall. She will discuss with the Pub, and also find out if using the Parish Room would be appropriate. It was commented that the stall needed to have a consistent supply of items.

The Clerk has heard that Severn Trent are planning to upgrade the sewage pumping station and replace the pipe to Upton Magna in April, which should stop the burst pipes occurring.


70/2012: Declaration of Interest:

Cllr. Stone declared an interest in a barn extension at her farm. However, comment from the Parish Council was not required.

Cllr. Stone had written to the Parish Council on behalf of all the Councillors, requesting dispensation from the Council for the need to declare an interest by all landowners on the Council in setting the Precept. This was approved unanimously.


71/2012: Approval of the Minutes of 31st October 2012:

Resolved: To accept these as a correct record. They were signed by the Chairman.




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72/2012: Finance:

A VAT refund of £740, and Gift Aid of £82 have been received for the Village Green fund. The Village Green fund is healthy.

A roving microphone has been purchased for £393 from the Jubilee fund.

Approval was given to pay for room hire, Clerk’s pay and tax

It was agreed to keep the Precept at £5,000 for another year.

If there is an election, the cost to the Parish will not exceed £2 per elector (approx £360). Even if no election takes place, there could be a charge for administration of £100.

There is still £545 in the Jubilee fund and Pride of Shropshire money some of which could act as ‘matched funding’ in an application to the LJC, for replacing the Parish Room handrails.



9th January, 2013

Parish Council/P3/Jubilee

Village Green





Brought Forward from 31/10/2012


Brought Forward from 31/10/2012











VAT Refund




Friends of the Green






Gift Aid - Tax Reclaim & Interest






VAT Refund - Tranfer from PC











Payments Approved - 31/10/2012


Payments Approved - 31/10/2012



Room Hire (30/10 & 31/10)








Clerk's Salary - Q3






Tax on Clerk's Salary





















Payments made since 31/10/2012 for approval


Payments made since 31/10/2012 for approval



VAT Refund - Transfer to Village Green



Small Lotteries Licence


















Balance Carried Forward to 09/01/2013



Balance Carried Forward to 31/10/2012







Payments approved - 09/01/2013


Payments approved - 09/01/2013



Salop Music Centre






Room Hire (09/01 - Parish Council)





Clerk's Salary - Q4





Tax on Clerk's Salary - Q4








Authorisation to pay the following if within budget amount:


Authorisation to pay the following if within budget amount:



CPRE Membership



Fuel for Lawn Mower





Repairs to Lawn Mower


















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Maisie Jones now has a cat flap, and 3 of 5 cats chipped


74/2012: Planning:

The application for the affordable house next to Sunnyside Farm was approved subject to section 106 agreement.


75/2012: Allscott Sugar Factory Site:

The meeting at Allscott was not a consultation, but a discussion about possibilities.

It was denied that 500 houses might be built there. Particular concerns are increased traffic through the lanes, and the poor general access because of the various railway bridges.

Representatives of Rodington and Wrockwardine Parish Councils are to be invited to the next PC meeting.


76/2012: Village Green Committee:

It has continued to be very wet, with a lot of surface water around the ponds.

Those involved with illuminating the Christmas tree were thanked.


77/2012: Neighbourhood Watch:

Nothing to report.


78/2012: Road Issues:

Drainage systems have been overwhelmed by the amount of water. The broken up road towards Parks Farm will be repaired when it is dryer. Heavy trucks bound for CJ Wildbird Foods have been following their satnavs and entering the Village to turn round, causing damage. Discussions are taking place with the traffic engineers at Shropshire Council about what action can be taken to stop this happening.


79/2012: Correspondence:



80/2012: Reports on Meetings:



81/2012: Forthcoming Meetings:

Cllr. Stone is attending a meeting on policy on affordable homes.

The next LJC meeting is on 7th March, with the planning meeting for it on 7th February


82 /2012: Date of next Parish Council meeting:

The next Parish Council meeting will be on 6th March 2013

The meeting was declared closed at 9.01pm.


Minutes Confirmed as correct




6th March 2013





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