WPC AGM Minutes 20th May 2015

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(Draft minutes subject to confirmation)
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Withington Parish Council held on Wednesday May 20th 2015 at 7.30pm in the Parish Room.

Present: Councillors Lesley Stone (Chair), Alan Williams, Phil Heath, Martin Timmis, Helen Thomas, Tom Taylor (Clerk). Mathew Mead from Shropshire Council, and 15 members of the public

01/2015: Cllr. Stone welcomed everyone to the meeting

02/2015: Election of Chairman:
Councillor Phil Heath was proposed by Cllr.Timmis, seconded by Cllr.Thomas. Councillor Stone was proposed by herself, and seconded by Cllr. Williams. On a vote, Cllr Heath was elected by 3 votes to 2.
He took the chair, and signed the declaration of acceptance of office.

03/2015: Apologies:
Shropshire Councillor John Everall. Mrs. Shirley Davies. Jenny and Tony Newby. Mr Jonathan Walton of Bowbrook Archers.

04/2015: Declaration of interests:
There were no declarations of interests.

05/2015: Election of Vice Chair:
Cllr. Martin Timmis was elected unopposed.

06/2015: Election of Treasurer:
Cllr. Alan Williams was elected unopposed as Responsible Financial Officer.

07/2015: Approval of the Minutes of the AGM of May 7th 2014:
To accept these as a correct
They were then signed by the Chairman.

08/2015: Financial Officer's Report:
The accounts for 2014-2015 have passed the internal audit, and the Annual Return was signed by the Chairman and the Clerk.
The balance on the loan from Shropshire Council for the Village Green purchase has now reduced to £34,000.



As at 20th May, 2015

Parish Council/P3

Village Green





Brought Forward from 31/03/2015


Brought Forward from 31/03/2015















Friends of the Green






Wayleave Payment











Payments Approved - 31/03/15


Payments Approved - 31/03/2015



Room Hire (01/04)




R. Lucas (Mower parts)



























Payments made since 31/03/2015 for approval

Payments made since 31/03/2015 for approval










Loan - Principle & Interest

















Balance Carried Forward to 20/05/2015


Balance Carried Forward to 20/05/15






Payments for approval - 20/05/2015


Payments for approval - 20/05/2015



Room Hire (23/04, 27/04, 20/05)








T. Taylor (Clerk's Salary)















Authorisation to pay the following if within budget amount: 

Authorisation to pay the following if within budget amount: 


CPRE Membership



Lawn Mower Insurance












Approval was given for all the above payments.

09/2015: Appointment of Representative to the Local Joint Committee:
Resolved: To appoint Cllr. Martin Timmis as representative to the LJC. He is unavailable for the next meeting on 10th June, Cllr. Thomas will attend in his stead.

10/2015: Reports on Parish Plan:
Church:  The Church has continued to be used for weekly services and during the year we also had baptisms, a wedding, a funeral and a memorial service. The Rev. David Chantrey and other clergy have led services with some delegation to members of the PCC. 
Probably the highlight of the year was the Flower festival and Songs of Praise held at the end of August. This was a huge success, made possible only by the involvement of so many villagers. The usual Summer Fete, Bonfire and fireworks and Christmas Bazaar were organised by the PCC but with the support of many others they were enjoyable community events as well as successful fundraisers. In order to keep the church door open we need a monthly income of approx. £700 so all support is greatly appreciated.
Last Spring the path to the Church was upgraded which has meant greater access for parents with pushchairs, wheelchair users (and also those on crutches.) Upkeep of the Church building is an on-going issue. The cross on the porch was blown down and smashed in the gales in January and a new one is now being made.  Part of the wooden flooring in the nave has been affected by wet rot and woodworm and is currently being replaced.
Finally the scarecrow weekend was a great success and really shows how the church and community work together in the village.
Many thanks to everyone who took part in this and any other aspects of the church’s life during the year. 

Parish Room: There has been General maintenance on grounds, cleaning front and putting down weed suppressant membrane & stones. It is planned  to upgrade kitchen this summer. Income has increased by regular tai chi class. There has been good support for ‘Flicks in the Sticks’ and other events. The 100 club has a few numbers available - cost £1 a month and this helps pay for general running costs and improvements.
Hare and Hounds: The Pub is now a Free House, owned by Dave Buswell and his Brother.Planning approval has been received for conversion of the cottage into a holiday let. The garden has been fenced off, and the car park improved, and more is being done. Food is served on Friday evening and Sunday lunchtime, and is going well. The guest ales have improved, and new residents are using the Pub.

Footpaths: Not much to report; we`ve carried out repairs to 6 stiles and are continuing to clear vegetation. I shall be doing a walk round the footpaths when I have time to see what needs clearing as the warm and wet weather has suddenly started to make everything grow.  
Canal: The annual Norbury Festival was held, but the weather was not kind. All are invited to visit Wappenshall on the third Saturday of the month between 10am  and 4pm. The Trust is struggling to get matched funding – needs £370,000. The Trust received a gold award from the Mayor of Shrewsbury for its contribution to the environment.
Village Green: The green continues to be well used by residents for exercising their dogs which is to be encouraged as long as people remember to pick up any dog mess afterwards as this is a legal requirement. The youth club continue to use the green for football on a Wednesday evening. Events held on the green

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throughout the year include - Bonfire night, Carol singing around the Christmas tree, Village fete, Toni & Rob Guest’s after wedding party, Church Spring lunch, Use of the Green as a car park for various events.
A number of working parties were held throughout the year with the primary focus on clearing the path and tidying the bonfire patch. Volunteers welcome for future working parties which will focus on -Tidying up the “wet area”, renovation of the path, repair/maintenance of benches
Planned activities include - Village fete on Saturday 13th June, Rounders match- date TBC, Shrewsbury Rugby Club under 10’s touch rugby match 7 BBQ – date TBC
The Village “time capsule” has now been assembled and rather than bury it on the Village green as originally planned it has been secreted away in the Church with instructions for it not to be opened until 2065.
Whilst the repayment of the loans taken out to buy the Village Green is covered by the precept that all parishioners pay, the ongoing maintenance costs are not and we rely on charitable donations for this. To date we have 13 regular donors and would encourage other residents to join the “Friends of the Village Green” and donate a small monthly sum preferably by standing order – forms available from Alan Williams or Phil Heath.
Archery: Bowbrook Archers are continuing to thrive. Club membership has stabilised at about 150. As with many sports clubs, we rarely see about 50% of our members – although some of these make use of the field other than on regular club nights. Bowbrook cater for all standards of archery. Among our numbers we have a double gold medallist Paralympian and one of our juniors has been selected for the National archery academy – ie one of the top 50 in England. The age of members ranges from 9 to 86 – all are welcome. We shoot at ranges between 10yards and 180yards.
Last year we informed the village that we were hoping to improve our facilities at the field by building a new clubhouse complete with indoor 20yard range. This is still our intention but as yet we have not been successful with our funding application so there is unlikely to be any further progress in the next 12 months. Activity at the field over the winter is low and this situation will stand for several years to come. Activity over the summer is regular with small groups meeting from time to time and larger club sessions on 2 or 3 evenings a week.
We do regularly ask our members to drive courteously to and from our field and also encourage them to arrive via the Rodington Heath route – many do this. We are always keen to strengthen our links with the village of Withington and would happily consider another Village open evening – we are not sure whether this initiative should come from the Village or from Bowbrook. You will of course see us assisting at the Village fete again this year. If any people from the village are interested in finding out more about the sport of Archery, do visit our field on a Tuesday or a Thursday evening where you will be warmly welcomed.

11/2015  Neighbourhood Watch:
 The recent newsletter is excellent, and its contents commended. The monthly reports from PC Harte remind us that crime is low. Road traffic incidents and collisions have dropped in the last month, however people are urged to slow down and take care. The main issue across the area is fear of theft, from vehicles or outbuildings, and this will remain a priority. There is concern about forest fires, and there will be regular attendance of a PCSO at Haughmond Hill picnic site. People are requested to report all suspicious persons.
12/2015 The date for the 2016 Parish AGM is Wednesday 11th May.

13/2015 The next Parish Council meetings are to be held on Wednesday 8th July, 2nd September, and 11th November 2015 at 7.30 p.m. in the Parish Room.

…….………………………………………Minutes confirmed as correct 11th May 2016