WPC Minutes 12th March 2014

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(Draft Minutes subject to confirmation)

Withington Parish Council


           Meeting  held on Wednesday 12th March 2014  at 7.30 pm in the Parish Room.

Present: Councillors Lesley Stone (Chairman), Alan Williams, and Phil Heath. Tom Taylor (Parish Clerk). Mathew Mead from Shropshire Council, Ben Walker from Connecting Shropshire and 12 members of the public.

85/2013: Welcome:

Cllr. Stone welcomed everyone, particularly Ben Walker from Connecting Shropshire, and Mathew Mead

86/2013: Apologies:

Cllrs Helen Thomas and Martin Timmis. Shropshire Cllr. John Everall. Bernie Jones.

87/2013: Public Forum:

Ben Walker showed a video about broadband, and gave an update on the new provision for the village.The new cabinet which will receive the fibre-optic cable is already installed at the west end of the village. The existing copper wires will then be used to connect to each house.
We are in Phase 1, and should have a connection before the end of June 2014. Each household will be informed by postcard when it is enabled. Anyone within 1.2 km of the cabinet in the village, should get speeds of at least 24 megabits/sec. The fibre-optic cable will come direct from the Shrewsbury exchange, and it will be necessary to make the changeover with your internet service provider. This may mean a new contract, but there may be more providers available.

The situation on our sewer is that the new pipe was installed, but has not yet been connected.

The new control panel needed to control the pumps to stop them over pressurising the main is being built but the contractors are waiting for 2 pieces of control equipment that the pump supplier is yet to supply. The original commissioning date for the 31st March therefore may not be met. The rising main did burst last Thursday and was repaired the next day. 

88/2013: Declaration of Interest:


89/2013: Approval of the Minutes of 9th January 2014:

Resolved: To accept these as a correct record. They were signed by the Chairman.

90/2013: Finance:

Payments were approved for the hire of hall, membership of CPRE, SALC, Clerk’s salary and tax.

The appointment of Karen Douglass as internal auditor was approved.



12th March, 2014

Parish Council/P3/Jubilee

Village Green





Brought Forward from 08/01/2014


Brought Forward from 08/01/2014















Friends of the Green












Gift Aid











Payments Approved - 08/01/2014


Payments Approved - 08/01/2014



Room Hire (08/01)




A. Williams - Small Lotteries Licence







J. O.Nicklin & Sons











Payments made since 08/01/2014 for approval


Payments made since 08/01/2014 for approval
















Balance Carried Forward to 12/03/2014


Balance Carried Forward to 12/03/2014






Payments approved - 12/03/2014


Payments approved - 12/03/2014



Room Hire (12./03)






Clerk's Salary










SALC - Planning Seminar





CPRE Membership








Authorisation to pay the following if within budget amount: 

Authorisation to pay the following if within budget amount: 





Hedge Cutting













The Chairman reported that Sundorne Estate had an exhibition showing proposed developments. 28 houses, some affordable, are now being built, which Upton Magna seems happy with. She brought up the issue of sewerage, about which UM also has concerns. There was no information about longer term plans.

Allscott Sugar Factory site: Proposals have gone to the planning dept. at Telford and Wrekin Council for 470 houses, business hub, primary school, sports facilities, etc. The only money for road improvements is for traffic calming through the site. Cllr. Stone has been in touch with Rodington and Wrockwardine Parish Councils. A response was required. Wrockwardine is seeking a referral to the Minister. There is also concern about housing proposed for the west end of Wellington. It was agreed to write to T&W Council expressing objections on Environmental, Social, Economic and Sustainability grounds, and requesting public consultation.

92/2013: Road Issues:

Shropshire Council’s preferred route for HGVs heading for CJ Wildbird foods that leave the Shrewsbury bypass at Sundorne, is to direct them through Uffington to Berwick Wharf. However any signage will depend on finance. CJs are to be asked if they can put up signs, particularly at the bottom of Sandy Lane.

93/2013: Emergency Plan:

This was deferred.

94/2013: Dogs:

The Dog Warden has put up new signs, and is expected to put up some more. She is to be asked if she has any leaflets that can be delivered around the village. The Council agreed its intention to prosecute offenders.

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95/2013: Local Joint Committee:

Tomorrow’s will be the last where funding is available for distribution. Hoping for funds for Church path. Future intentions awaited.

96/2013: Village Green Committee:

The grass has had its first cut. Committee meeting on 24th March to discuss working parties etc. 

Ideas sought for events.

97/2013: Neighbourhood Watch:

Nothing to report. Bernie Jones has decided to stand down as co-ordinator, due to pressure of other commitments. The Parish Council would like to appoint a replacement, and a volunteer is wanted. Bernie will give advice on the role (not onerous)

98/2013: Correspondence: 

Already covered.

99/2013: Reports on Meetings:

Already covered.

100/2013: Forthcoming Meetings:

The LJC and Emergency Planning meeting are tomorrow.

101/2013: Dates of next Parish Council meetings:

7th May at 7.00pm (AVM and AGM), 9th July, 17th September, 26th November

Minutes Confirmed as correct



9th July 2014