Withington Parish Council Minutes, 5th October 2011

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Draft minutes subject to confirmation    
Meeting held on Wednesday, 5th October 2011 at 7.30 pm in the Parish Room.
Present: Councillors Lesley Stone (Chairman), Shirley Davies, Alan Williams Ron Lucas and Phil Heath. Tom Taylor (Parish Clerk). Mathew Mead from Shropshire Council and 5 members of the public.


35/2011: Welcome:

Cllr. Stone welcomed everyone, particularly Mathew Mead


36/2011: Apologies:



37/2011:  Public Forum:

  • There have been some expressions of interest in an oil purchase scheme. This was originally suggested at the LJC meeting. It may be worth joining up with Upton Magna and Rodington. Deliveries could be 4 times per year. The Clerk offered to co-ordinate the arrangements.
  • Cllr. Lucas reported that some people had stopped attending PC meetings because of difficulties in hearing what was being said. A hearing aid loop, or use of the proposed Public Address system were suggested.

· E.on has given a second kit for use in power cuts. (analogue phone, wind-up charger for mobiles, torch etc). It was agreed that one could be kept in the Parish Room. This can be discussed at the emergency plan meeting in a month.

  • Mathew Mead reported that the new National Framework for Planning is likely to have little effect in Shropshire, as the County has its own proposals in the SAMDev document. There will also be more emphasis on Parish Plans.
  • The Localism Bill will ask Councils to register local assets, which can then be given protection

Eg Pub, Village Green, Canal, Church, Parish Room. The owner’s permission is not required, and 6 months grace will be given before any sale can go ahead.

  • Shropshire Council is freezing Council Tax, but this does not apply to Parish Precepts.
  • Parish Plans should be re-visited after 5 years, and re-done if any significant changes. It may be that only a short questionnaire with publicity will be necessary.


38/2011: Declaration of Interest:



39/2011: Approval of the Minutes of 27th July 2011:

Resolved: To accept these as a correct record. They were signed by the Chairman





5th October, 2011

Parish Council/P3

Village Green





Brought Forward


Brought Forward


















Payments Approved - 27/07/2011


Payments Approved - 27/07/2011



Room Hire (27/07)






Community Council of Shropshire






T. Taylor - Clerk's Salary






HMRC - Tax on Clerk's Salary













Balance - 27/07/2011



Balance - 27/07/2011







Receipts since 27/07/2011


Receipts since 27/07/2011






Friends of the Green





Gift Aid Repayment from HMRC






Payments since to 27/07/2011


Payments since 27/07/2011



Mazars - Audit Fee





Shropshire Council - Insurance












Balance Carried Forward too 05/10/2011


Balance Carried Forward to 05/10/2011






Payments approved - 05/10/2011


Payments approved - 05/10/2011



Room Hire (05/10)



T. Taylor - Tables, Lighting & Oak Bench



R. Lucas (Fireworks)



A. Williams - Lawn Mower Insurance






Authorisation to pay the following if within budget amount:




Clerks' Salary (March 2012)





CPRE Subscription



























All payments were approved.


41/2011: Village Green:

There was a work party on 6th August, when the remaining gravel was spread, the path weeded, and strimming and some hedge-cutting carried out. The whole area has now had weedkiller applied, and all the hedges cut. A new bench has been ordered, and an application made to the LJC for a public address system. Concern was expressed about the survival of the recently planted hedging and trees because of the prolonged dry spell. No action is being taken about a cat area, as activity seems to have diminished.


42/2011: Tree Warden:

The ‘Big Tree Plant’ is only being made available in Shrewsbury. The Community Tree Scheme is running until December 2nd.  The two cherry trees opposite the Pub are dead or dying. The adjacent owners are to be contacted to confirm that they want them removed. The land registry is to be checked to see if they are on private or council land.

Cllr Davies said there is a problem with vehicles getting past the weeping willow tree at the entrance to Sunnyfields and Woodlands Close. She is concerned that the refuse collection may be stopped.

There was also comment about a prominent tree on the double bend catching high vehicles.


43/2011: Neighbourhood Watch:

Nothing to report in Withington.

PACT say that there is an increasing drug problem in Rodington


44/2011: Emergency Plan:

A training meeting for Councillors has been arranged for 9th November.


45/2011: Community Transport:

Community transport is being used. There is a review soon.


46/2011: Road Issues:

More potholes have been filled in the Parish, and the area outside the Parish Room tarmacced. The roads dept has been thanked. The lost drain cover at the border with Rodington Heath has now got a cone over it and an arrow on the road. Cllr Heath asked if cleaning could be extended further up Caernarvon Lane. There have been complaints of wasps nests on the verges, but these may have been dealt with.


47/2011: Correspondence:

A letter had been received concerning the residential status of a Parishioner for affordable housing. The Council confirmed that the criteria were satisfied.

Cllr Heath requested that he have a marquee on the Village Green for a wedding on 27th July 2012. There has been a precedent for this event. It was pointed out that this is a public area. Cllr Heath is to ensure that he has an entertainment licence, insurance, inform local residents, and send a letter to the Parish Council confirming that the Council has no liability in connection with the wedding.

Cllr Lucas asked if the Council would contribute to the cost of fireworks for November 5th. It was agreed to pay £100.

A letter had been received from Mr Ian Griffiths confirming that the footpaths across his fields were now clear.


48/2011:Reports on meetings:



49/2011: Forthcoming Meetings:

The Chairman is hoping to attend a meeting on ‘Wellbeing’

Emergency Planning Meeting.


50/2011: Date of next Parish Council meeting:

Wednesday January 4th 2012.


The meeting was declared closed at 8.46pm



.................................................................................Minutes confirmed as correct.

Chairman                                                                  4th January 2012         


















































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