Parish Council Minutes 2nd March 2011

posted 16 Jun 2011, 08:41 by Thomas Taylor

                                         (Draft Minutes subject to Confirmation)

  Withington Parish Council


           Meeting held on Wednesday, 2nd March 2011 at 7.30 pm in the Parish Room.


Present: Councillors Ron Lucas (Chairman), Alan Williams, Lesley Stone and Phil Heath; Tom Taylor (Clerk), and 3 members of the public.


66/2010 Welcome:

Cllr. Lucas welcomed everyone.


67/2010 Apologies:

Shropshire Councillor John Everall. Cllr Shirley Davies. PC Ray Foster. Martin Timmis


68/2010 Public Forum:

No issues raised.


69/2010 Declaration of interests:

Cllr. Lesley Stone declared an interest in Footpaths.


70/2010: Approval of the Minutes of 12th January 2011:

Resolved: To accept these as a correct record. They were signed by the Chairman.


71/2010: Planning:

There had been a planning application for a new house at 3-4 Barker’s Square. The Chairman had discussed this with the immediate neighbours. Concern was expressed that the diversion of the footpath would change the line across the field behind the property. The path must remain open.


72/2010: Review of Parish Plan:


  • Church: There is a day of prayer on Friday. Work has been done in the belfry to clear birds’ nests, put up new protective netting, and new bell ropes.
  • Parish Room: There had been a painting party in the new extension. There are to be two ‘Flicks in the Sticks’ in the near future. The final instalment of the Veolia Grant has been paid. The Chairman congratulated Jon Scutt for all that has been achieved.
  • Footpaths: no report
  • Hare and Hounds: The Pub is doing OK, particularly Friday evening, though not Saturday. There may be the ‘Big Screen’ for the Royal Wedding.
  • Canal: The AGM is on Saturday 26th March, with a walk to the Trench arm and Guillotine locks at 9.30. The Norbury canal festival on the weekend 30th April/1st May. the canal has the right to re-purchase land originally sold.
  • Archery: No report


73/2010: Village Green:

There had been a work party at the end of January, when trees were planted, more hedging, and gravel spread on the path. The Funday will take place on Sunday 22nd May. There is to be a memorial set up for Peter Davies. The issue of Cat fouling was raised again, and a suggestion of a shrub bed in the north west corner seemed to be a good approach


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74/2010: Withington Website:

It was agreed that advertising could appear on the website, at a charge of £20 per year, to be approved by the website committee. There could also be a ‘Trusted Tradesman’ section.


75/2010: Financial Officer's Report:



2nd March, 2011

Parish Council/P3

Village Green

Brought Forward from 18/11/2010


Brought Forward from 18/11/2010








Friends of the Green




Legacy - J. Dickinson


Payments Approved - 12/01/2011


Payments Approved - 12/01/2011


Shropshire Council




Room Hire (12/01)


Balance - 12/01/2011




Balance - 12/01/2011




Payments Approved - 02/03/2011

Payments Approved - 02/03/2011

Room Hire (02/03)


J.O.Nicklin (Fuel)


Nick Williams (web site)


CPRE (paid 02/02/11)


Balance Carried Forward from 02/03/2011


Balance Carried Forward from 02/03/2011



76/2010: Neighbourhood Watch:

Nothing to report.


77/2010: Emergency Plan:

A discussion on a training session to be delayed until the next meeting, as Martin Timmis is working.





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78/2010: Road Issues:

Further grit bins have been requested, and the Hunkington flood is awaiting resolution. Cllr. Heath requested the grass and mud on Caernarvon Lane be removed. A pothole has appeaered just on the approach to the bridge at Walcot Mill. The amount of rubbish on the roads was noted.


79/2010: Correspondence:



80/2010:Reports on meetings:

Cllr. Stone reported on the recent LJC meeting. The annual amount available for distribution is being reduced to £17,000, with a maximum grant of £2,000.  Meetings to be reduced to 2 per year. The County budget is reduced by £30million. Parish Councils may be asked to provide more services. There was a suggestion for a group village oil purchase scheme.


81/2010: Forthcoming Meetings:

Cllr. Stone is to attend the Emergency Planning meeting on 11th April.

The next LJC is 7th July.


82/2010: Date of next Parish Council meeting:

The clerk suggested that the Annual Village Meeting could be held on the same evening as the Annual General Meeting, which was approved. This will take place on Wednesday 11th May. There will be no meeting in April.

The meeting was declared closed at 8.55pm



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