Withington Parish Council Minutes, 12th January 2011

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Meeting held on Wednesday 12th January 2011, at 7.30 pm in the Parish Room.

(Draft Minutes subject to confirmation) 

Present: Councillors Ron Lucas (Chairman), Shirley Davies, Alan Williams, Lesley Stone and Phil Heath; Tom Taylor (Clerk), PC Ray Foster and 8 members of the public.


49/2010 Welcome:

Cllr. Lucas welcomed everyone.


50/2010 Apologies:

Shropshire Councillor John Everall. Steve Carver.


51/2010 Public Forum:

It was commented that there are to be 2 power outages for some residents on consecutive Tuesdays, while tree work is carried out. The clerk said that he had had further discussions with E.on about the power supply in Caernarvon Lane, and was waiting for their reply about the use of the grassy area where the gas box is sited, for siting a transformer.

Bernie Jones introduced our LPO, PC Ray Foster

Cllr Stone asked if there was any interest in a celebration at the time of the Royal wedding on 29th April. A lot of people were going to be away then. The Church was not planning anything. The Council decided that they would not sponsor an event, but would support any arranged by another group.

Alan Stone reported that the tree protection order at Glenvyl is only while the building work is going on.


 52/2010 Declaration of interests:



53/2010: Approval of the Minutes of 18th November 2010:

Resolved: To accept these as a correct record. They were signed by the Chairman.


54/2010: Neighbourhood Watch:

PC Ray Foster said that we lived in a low crime area, and there was little to report. 3 drain covers had recently been stolen in Upton Magna. He advised that central heating oil was being stolen from farm and domestic tanks. He asked people to register identifiable property on a new website, (www.immobilise.com) and provided a poster for the notice board.


55/2010: Planning:

The planning applications for the Shrubbery, Gatehouse, and Glenvyl have been approved.

The Clerk has made contact with Rodington and Wrockwardine Parish Councils, who have agreed to have discussions about the Allscott sugar factory site when any planning proposals are made.

The Chairman had talked to Terry Kiernan, a Telford Councillor, who says that the site has been split into two, and they are now on the market.

Cllr Everall has advised that we make our views clear on the Samdev consultation. The clerk to confirm that we want minimal development as in the Parish Plan.


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56/2010: Review of Parish Plan:


  • Church: Marion Hillaby thanked the PC for their donation to the fireworks. Events agreed for this year – Fete 25th June, Open Gardens 12th June, Bonfire 5th November, Bazaar 3rd December.

de minimus permission is being sought to upgrade the path.

The chairman asked of gravestones can be straightened to make grass cutting easier. The safety of gravestones is checked every year. Further information will be sought.

  • Parish Room: The chairman congratulated the committee on what has been achieved. A painting party is to be held in February. Concern was expressed about the danger of the broken slabs in the gap between the new access and the roadway, and lighting of the access at night.
  • Footpaths: Jenny Newby reported that they have had 2 styles and steps delivered, but are lacking nails.
  • Hare and Hounds: The pub appears to be doing well. The big screen has been used, and it was suggested that it could be used for the Royal Wedding. The lease now only covers the pub building and car park, not the outbuildings or garden.
  • Canal: There has been little recent development; the AGM is on Saturday 26th March, and the Norbury canal festival on the weekend 30th April/1st May
  • Archery: The Chairman had received a letter apologising that the club had not contacted the PC about the club’s application to the LJC. It also thanked the PC’s representative for support in their successful bid.


57/2010: Village Green:

The deed of dedication now also protects the access path. The suggestion that we seek ‘Queen Elizabeth II’ field status was considered to be of no advantage.

The Sundorne estate was thanked for again providing the Christmas tree, which was an attractive feature. Dave Pye, Carl and Julie Pavey were also thanked for their involvement

A work party is planned for Saturday 29th January.


58/2010: Withington Website:

Bernie Jones introduced the subject. Since the original site had disappeared, Nick Williams has put together a new one using a Google template. This had been viewed by the Councillors, and considered excellent. We need to buy a domain name, such as WithingtonShropshire.com. This will cost £5.98 for 2 years, which was approved unanimously.


59/2010: Financial Officer's Report:

We have brought forward £2120.

Payment of the Clerk’s salary, room hire, and gaming licence were approved.

Reappointment of Karen Douglass as auditor was approved.

A discussion took place about the precept for 2011 -2012.

Resolved: To reduce the Precept from £6000 to £5000







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12th January, 2011

Parish Council/P3

Village Green

Brought Forward from 28/07/2010


Brought Forward from28/07/2010







Friends of the Green


LAC Funding


Payments Approved - 18/11/10


Payments Approved - 18/11/10


Shropshire Council


T.R. Lewis


VAT - Transfer to Village Green


Rowetts Insurance


Donation - Transfer to Village Green


T. Taylor (Lock/Sign)




R.A Williams (Fireworks)


T. Taylor (Salary)


Room Hire (18/11)


R.A Williams (Fireworks)


Balance - 18/11/2010



Balance - 18/11/2010



Payments Approved - 12/01/11

Payments Approved - 12/01/11

Shropshire Council




Room Hire (12/01)


Balance Carried Forward from 12/01/11


Balance Carried Forward from 12/01/11





60/2010: Emergency Plan:

The Chairman will discuss with Martin Timmis re organising a training day.

The Chairman urged residents to check on their neighbours in cold weather.








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61/2010: Road Issues:

The Clerk reported that the flooding at Hunkington was being investigated. It hides a large pothole, which is causing concern.

Mr Tony Cordery, CEO at CJ Wildbird Foods has sent a letter to all employees, asking them to respect speed limits.

Bollards have now been placed on the corner opposite Parks Farm.

Road sweeping and Gully cleaning take place quarterly. This is to be kept under review.

Other places are to be considered for grit bins, and the Clerk to write to T&W Council about Walcot Bank, which has been dangerously icy.


62/2010: Correspondence:

We have received a letter from the Royal British Legion, inviting us to sponsor ‘Poppy Parties’ on the weekend of 12th June. Phil Heath said he would organise a clay pigeon shooting party.

We have also been asked by the Lord Lieutenant to sponsor a party for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

An invitation to be involved in County Transport planning was declined, as there is no longer a bus service.


63/2010:Reports on meetings:



64/2010: Forthcoming Meetings:

Cllr. Stone is to attend the Planning meeting for the LJC meeting on 20th January, and Cllr. Davies to represent Withington at the LJC meeting in Astley on 3rd February at 7pm.


65/2010: Date of next Parish Council meeting:

The next Parish Council meeting will take place on Wednesday 2nd March 2011, at 7.30 in the Parish Room.





.................................................................................Minutes confirmed as correct.



2nd March 2011