Withington Parish Council Minutes, 18th November 2010

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Meeting held on Thursday 18th November 2010, at 7.30 pm in the Parish Room. 

Present: Councillors Ron Lucas (Chairman), Shirley Davies, Alan Williams, Lesley Stone and Phil Heath; Tom Taylor (Clerk), and 2 members of the public.

33/2010 Welcome:

Cllr Lucas welcomed everyone to the newly refurbished Parish Room.


34/2010 Apologies:

Shropshire Councillor John Everall. Bernie Jones.


35/2010 Public Forum:

The significance of the tree protection order on the weeping willow at Glenvyl, while an extension was being built, was raised. Alan Stone, tree warden, to investigate.

         Alan Stone also brought up the annual free community tree scheme. He has advertised this on various notice boards, and bids are requested before the end of December.


36/2010 Declaration of interests:

Cllrs Lucas and Stone declared an interest in the planning application.


37/2010: Approval of the Minutes of 28th July 2010:

Resolved: To accept these as a correct record. They were signed by the Chairman.


38/2010: Planning Application: Glenvyl, Sunnyfields:

There were no objections to the planning application. The Clerk mentioned that since the last PC meeting, there had been planning applications for New House Farm, Gate House, Bakehouse Yard, and The Shrubbery. No objections had been raised to any of these.

Concern was expressed that the new lease on the Pub did not include the annexe, grassy area or orchard.


39/2010: SAMDev planning document:

(Site Allocation and Management of Development). Intended to control development in the LJC area until 2026. There is a further chance for consultation in the Spring. Upton Magna is an area zoned for possible development, which could affect Withington. Withington is excluded from development, which is in agreement with the Parish Plan. Response to be discussed with Mathew Mead.

Concern also expressed re possible future developments on the Sugar Factory site, and the implications for Withington, particularly increased traffic. The Clerk to liaise with Wrockwardine and Rodington Parishes, with a view to a common action plan.


40/2010 Shropshire Charter:

The final version of the Shropshire Charter was approved, and signed by the chairman and the clerk.


41/2010 Emergency Plan:

Martin Timmis was thanked for producing the Withington Emergency Plan. This should be an ongoing document, and possibly reviewed annually. The plan was adopted unanimously. The chairman is to discuss the possibility of doing an exercise, and how much information should be sent to neighbouring parishes.                                            

42/2010 Financial Officer's Report:

Cllr. Williams said that the accounts for 2009 – 2010 have passed external audit.


























18th November 2010


































Parish Council/P3


Village Green












Brought Forward from 28/07/2010



Brought Forward from 28/07/2010























Vat Refund





Friends of the Green




Donation (Village Green)





Cricket Tournament










Vat transfer from PC










Donation (FOG)




































Payments Approved - 28/07/10



Payments Approved - 28/07/10



Garvey (to T. Taylor)










Room Hire (14/04 & 26/05)





Transfer to PC















Room Hire (28/07)










Shropshire Council































Balance - 27/08/2010




Balance - 28/072010














Payments Approved - 18/11/10



Payments Approved - 18/11/2010



Shropshire Council





T.R. Lewis




VAT - Transfer to Village Green




Rowetts Insurance




Donation - Transfer to Village Green




T. Taylor (Lock/Sign)





















R.A Williams (Fireworks)




T. Taylor (Salary)










Room Hire (18/11)










R.A Williams (Fireworks)



















Balance Carried Forward from 18/11/10



Balance Carried Forward from 18/11/10



All payments were approved.

It is anticipated that the Parish Council will carry forward approx £1700, and the Village Green £900 into next year. The Precept will need to be approved at the next Council meeting.


43/2010 Village Green:

The Deed of Dedication, adding the access to the rest of the Village Green, was approved, and signed by the Chairman.

The grant of £2264 from the LJC has been paid.

A plan showing proposed siting of trees on the Green was displayed, to approval. A work party is proposed for Saturday 11th December.


44/2010 Road Issues:

The persistent water on the road at Hunkington, with potholes hidden, was complained about.

Mud on the lane near Villa farm is being caused by vehicles coming from a field of carrots.

The highways dept. had stated that cones on the bend at Parks Farm appeared to have discouraged tractors from exiting the field there.

Cars are still speeding through the village, despite the 30mph signs, particularly around 5pm. A letter to CJ Wildbird Seeds was suggested.

The new grit boxes in the village need to be checked, and grit boxes would be useful on the bends between Parks farm and Walcot Lees.

The Street cleansing survey was discussed, and whether it is relevant to us. To check how often the streets are cleaned, and gullies emptied.

Dog fouling has been complained about, again, and is to be mentioned in a newsletter.


45/2010 Correspondence:

A letter received from Bernie Jones, S&N Canal Trust, asking if a letter can be sent to landowners on the line of the canal, ‘via’ the  PC. It was felt that the PC should not be seen as an agent for the Trust. The Chairman to discuss. Possibly to be included in a newsletter in modified form.

A letter from E.on, asking to site a transformer on the north end of the village Green. The Clerk had replied that this was unacceptable, asking if they had considered the layby further up Caernarvon Lane, and whether they would come and discuss matters at a PC meeting.

A letter received from the head of Planning, asking if all communications could be electronic. The Clerk said it would be difficult to manage without one hard copy, particularly when plans were often A1 size.


46/2010 Meetings attended:

The recent LJC was attended by several, with a good result in the way of funding. Doubt was expressed as to whether this would continue.

Cllr Heath had attended a meeting about the mobile library service. The age of the vehicles, and drivers, was leading to a reassessment, believed to be ‘a better service at reduced cost’


47/2010 Forthcoming Meetings:

The next LJC is on 3rd February, in Astley.


48/2010 Date of next Parish Council meeting:

The next Parish Council meeting will take place on Wednesday 12th January 2011, at 7.30 in the Parish Room.



.................................................................................Minutes confirmed as correct.



12th January 2011