Minutes of Withington Parish Council 27th July 2011

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Draft Minutes subject to Confirmation

Meeting held on Wednesday, 27th July 2011 at 7.30 pm in the Parish Room.

Present: Councillors Lesley Stone (Chairman), Shirley Davies, Alan Williams and Ron Lucas. Shropshire Councillor John Everall. Tom Taylor (Parish Clerk) and 7 members of the public.


15/2011: Welcome:

Cllr. Stone welcomed everyone, particularly Dave Roberts, Environmental Enforcement Officer, and Jane Salisbury, Dog Warden, from Shropshire Council


16/2011: Apologies:

Cllr. Phil Heath. Martin Timmis.


17/2011: Attendance of Environmental Enforcement Officer and Dog Warden:

Dave Roberts outlined his role, which included CCTV and Parking. Training is available on environmental problems, and fixed penalty notices (£80) for dog fouling can be sent by post.

Jane Salisbury said her main role was collecting strays, (such as a recent case in Withington) which are rehoused. She also enforces keeping dogs out of children’s play areas, can ask for dogs to be on leads in recreational areas, enforcing dog fouling rules, and ensuring that dogs are kept on leads on public highways. Private property is not covered, but fines can be given for not keeping dogs under control. She will put up notices in the village.


18/2011: Public Forum:

There was a discussion about bottles and cans being left by the bench on the Village Green. The footballers are to be asked to use the bin. Consideration will be given to having a bin on the Green, but the problem then will be getting it emptied.


19/2011: Declaration of interests:



20/2011: Approval of the Minutes of 12th January 2011:

Resolved: To accept these as a correct record. They were signed by the Chairman.

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27th July, 2011

Parish Council/P3

Village Green

Brought Forward from11/05/2011


Brought Forward from 11/05/2011






Veolia Grant


Payments Approved - 11/05/2011


Payments Approved -11/05/2011


Room Hire (11/05)


T. Taylor (Marquee, Gazebo, sundries)


ALC Membership


R. Lucas (sundry materials)


ALC Training


J. Mead (raffle tickets)


Shropshire Council Loan


D. Hillaby (BBQ & gas)


K. Douglass (internal Audit)


T.Taylor (Raffle Prize)


J. Newby (Parish Paths)


Balance - 11/05/2011



Balance - 11/05/2011



Receipts since 11/05/2011

Receipts - since 11/05/2011

VAT Refund


Friends of the Green


Funday Proceeds


Payments since to 11/05/2011

Pride of Shropshire


Transfer VAT Refund to VG


Transfer of VAT Refund from PC




Balance Carried Forward from 27/07/2011



Balance Carried Forward from 27/07/2011



Payments approved - 27/07/2011

Payments approved - 27/07/2011

Room Hire (27/07)



Community Council of Shropshire


T. Taylor - Clerk's Salary


HMRC - Tax on Clerk's Salary


Authorisation to pay the following if within budget amount:

Clerks' Salary (March 2012)

SABC Group Insurance

CPRE Subscription

External Audit Fees

Payments approved.


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22/2011: Pride of Shropshire Award:

The Chairman thanked Jon Scutt and all those involved in achieving the award for the Village. There was a discussion about what to do with the £500 awarded. It was agreed that a Public Address system would be useful, but that an application be made to the LJC for matched funding.


23/2011: Review of Parish Plan:


  • Church: The grass cutting continues every two weeks on Wednesday evenings.
  • Footpaths: Jenny and Tony Newby have already replaced a stile and 3 steps. A further stile and steps are to be done soon. The Chairman thanked them for their efforts. There is an issue over two paths which have crops growing on them. The Clerk to write to the farmer. The definitive plan showing diversion of the footpath at Barker’s Square was available for inspection.
  • Hare and Hounds: The Pub is doing well
  • Canal:  Bernie Jones is now Chairman of the Canal Trust. Progress is being made at Norbury, and in Newport, and on purchase of the canal bed in Shrewsbury.


24/2011: Village Green:

Weedkilling on the Green is about to take place. There is a work party on Saturday 6th August


25/2011: Tree Warden:

The Community Tree scheme is running again, applications by 2nd December, collection 4th Feb 2012. For full details contact Alan Stone (709105)

There is also a ‘Big Tree Plant’ for larger trees in streets and public places.


26/2011: Neighbourhood Watch:

There have been reports of cars driving fast along the back lanes.

There have also been thefts from unlocked cars and sheds in Upton Magna.


27/2011: Planning:

There had been an application for development at New House Farm on Drury Lane. There had been no objections locally, and the application had been approved by the planning dept. The plans were available for inspection.


28/2011: Emergency Plan:

Martin Timmis is to arrange training in the next month or so.


29/2011: Community Transport:

The ‘Dial a Ride’ Scheme can now take people to Shrewsbury High Street or the Hospital. You need to register first, then can phone to arrange a time to be picked up. The cost is £3 return for adults, free with bus pass. A successful trip was arranged on Monday. If this service is not used, it is very likely to come to an end.


30/2011: Road Issues:

Potholes have been filled between the village and Rodington. Although they look rough, they have been done with a roadmaster machine, so should last. Further work is to be done, particularly at the Parish Room entrance. Telford and Wrekin have made a good job of repairs in Walcot.

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31/2011: Correspondence:

An email had been received from Leiston-cum-Sizewell Council, seeking support for a proposal that planning guidance to major developers, to

1) Attend a council meeting to answer questions about their planning application, if the council wishes, and

2) Provide resources (if councils wish) to enable councils to assess their applications – which may be over 1,000 pages long – based on a professional critique of their evidence.

This proposal was approved.

A letter from Shropshire Council about meetings arranged to discuss changes to the way adult social care services are provided. Details are on the notice board.

A letter from Shropshire Council notifying us that they are reviewing the provision of polling places, asking for comments on the existing arrangements, and suggested amendments.


32/2011:Reports on meetings:

The Chairman and Clerk attended a meeting on ‘Localism’ This raised as many questions as it answered, and a lot of it appeared to be related to saving money. However, there may be possibilities which can be kept under review in the future.

The LJC reported that new speed limits are now in place on the road to Haughmond Hill.

Montford Bridge has a successful scheme for co-operative buying of domestic heating oil. This is to be taken forward locally.


33/2011: Forthcoming Meetings:



82/2010: Date of next Parish Council meeting:

Wednesday 5th October.

The meeting was declared closed at 9.07pm



.................................................................................Minutes confirmed as correct.

Chairman                                                                 5th October 2011