Minutes of the Annual Village Meeting 2011

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(draft minutes subject to confirmation)

Minutes of the Annual Village Meeting held on May 11th 2011

The Parish Room, Withington, at 7.30pm.



83/2010 Present: Councillors R Lucas (Chairman), A Williams, S Davies, L Stone, P Heath

                              T Taylor (Clerk) 9 residents


84/2010 ApologiesShropshire Councillor J Everall, Jon and Brenda Scutt, Bernie Jones


85/2010 Welcome: The chairman welcomed everyone, explained the events of the evening, and the agenda.


86/2010Minutes:  The Minutes of the 2010 AVM were accepted as a correct record.


87/2010 Chairman’s Report: that it had been a good year, apart from the sadness of Peter Davies’ death. Without his tireless work the village Green would not have happened, and a plaque is to be unveiled on the Green at the Funday.

During the year Phil Heath was co-opted as a member of the Council, and he has attended training courses. Thanks to him for coming forward.

The Village Green is now officially completed, with trees and wet area, as was approved by the Village, and it is up to the village what happens next. It now looks fantastic, and it is hoped that the standard will be maintained.

The Local Joint Committee seemed of doubtful benefit at first, Councillor Shirley Davies has been our representative, and done well, with a grant for marquees, gazebos, picnic bench, tables, barbecue, and benches.

The Veolia Environmental Trust has helped fund the Village Green and the Parish Room, where there are now two new toilets. It is hoped that the tarmac will be extended to the Parish Room walls in the next few weeks.

Nick Williams has set up the Withington Website which is fantastic, and very good for announcements. There are some lovely old photos of the village.

The Shropshire Charter was signed after much hard work, but has now been abandoned by Shropshire Council.

The Parish Precept was increased to help fund the Village Green, but has been reduced again, by £1000 this year, and it is hoped that this will continue. The Village Green is now self-funding. Encourage attendance at the Funday to continue this.

Planning applications during the year include Barker’s Square, where a new house is now being built; an extension at Glenvyl; conversion work at the Gatehouse, and restoration at the Shrubbery.

The future of the Sugar Factory site is of concern, with rumours of what might happen there up to 350 houses possibly, though nothing has been approved. The Parish Council has contacts with Telford and Wrekin planners, and with Wrockwardine Parish Council. It is not known if the site has actually been sold.

The Localism Bill is on the way, and it may be that more activities will be passed to Parish Councils. However, nothing has come through yet.

The SAMDev (Site Allocation and Management of Development) document was discussed, and decided that Withington should have no significant development. Pressure is being brought to put us in a group with Upton Magna and Uffington.


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88/2010 Public Forum:

Derek Hillaby asked whether our LJC was being combined with Shrewsbury ones. This is not happening, but there will only be 2 meetings per year, and the sum of money available has been halved.

Alan Stone (Tree warden) expressed concern about a dead tree. The situation has been discussed with the owner, and it is being inspected by the Council.

The electricity board is also going the rounds cutting back on trees.

Derek Hillaby asked about the situation on the transformer proposal and the Village Green. There was a meeting with E.on, and the present thinking is that the best place is on the wide verge, on Caernarvon Lane, opposite Marford and Rosedale. It is for E.on to communicate with those affected, but any change may not happen until 2012 or 2013.

Cllr. Shirley Davies thanked the Chairman for his comments about Peter Davies. She has also heard from Mary McPherson, who said that the Village Green has become a great asset.


89/2010:Date of next annual village meeting: 9th May 2012 at 7.30 pm in the Parish Room


Minutes confirmed as correct


Signed..................................................                       9th May 2012