Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 11th May 2011

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(Draft Minutes subject to Confirmation)

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Withington Parish Council held on Wednesday May 11th 2011 at 8.00pm in the Parish Room.


Present: Councillors Ron Lucas, Shirley Davies, Alan Williams, Lesley Stone, Phil Heath.

Tom Taylor (Clerk)

11 members of the public


01/2011 Councillor Ron Lucas welcomed everyone to the meeting. He said that he had only been prepared to act as Chairman for one year, and was therefore standing down. He thanked the Clerk for his support.


02/2011 Election of Chairman:

Councillor Lesley Stone was proposed by Cllr. Ron Lucas, seconded by Cllr. Alan Williams. No other proposals. She signed the declaration of acceptance of office.

She thanked her predecessors for their excellent work for the Council.


03/2011 Apologies:

Shropshire Councillor John Everall. John and Brenda Scutt. Bernie Jones.


04/2011: Declaration of interests:

There were no declarations of interests.


05/2011: Election of Vice Chair:

Cllr. Shirley Davies was elected unopposed.


06/2011: Election of Treasurer:

Cllr. Alan Williams was elected unopposed as Responsible Financial Officer.


07/2011: Approval of the Minutes of the AGM of May 26th 2010:


To accept these as a correct record with the addition of Tony Newby reporting in the Footpaths section. They were then signed by the Chairman.


08/2011: Financial Officer's Report:

The accounts for 2010-2011 have successfully passed the internal audit, and the Annual Return was signed by the Chairman and the Clerk.


Parish Council Account

Balance brought forward from 2010/11 of £3,978.66.

Precept reduced from £6,900 to £6000.

Further repayment of loan to Shropshire Council – Balance carried forward of £44,000.

Council has not claimed reimbursement of any expenses

Legal costs of £890.25 were incurred in the transfer ownership of the access by the Hare & Hounds.

Other than SALC membership (over by 4.1%) all other expenditure was within budget.

Balance carried forward to 2011/12 of £1,676.22





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Village Green Account

Balance brought forward of £1,149.13

Grant income received from Veolia of £8,502 funding development works on the Green for footpath, entrances and trees in the main. A further grant of £294 was received for a new kissing gate.

Grant income from Shropshire Council Local Joint Committee of £2,264.88 for the purchase of marquees, gazebo, barbeque, picnic bench etc – to be purchased in 2011/12.

Further works costing £152.75 were done on the seasonal pool to divide the pool with a grassed “bridge” area

Sunday Funday raised £479.73 (happening again on 22 May)

The cricket tournament raised £66.92

Friends of the Green raised £248 and there was a legacy donation of £59

Major repairs were performed on the lawn mower of £435

Balance carried forward to 2011/12 of £3,303.03



For 2011/12 the precept was again reduced, this time to £5,000. A reduction of over 16%.

One of only 11 parish/town councils to reduce precept in 2011/12

This is an average for band D of £50.05 – approx £1 per week Withington is not the highest per household precept in Shropshire – beaten by Quatt Malvern.




11th May, 2011

Parish Council/P3

Village Green

Brought Forward from 12/01/2011


Brought Forward from 12/01/2011


Receipts - since 12/01/2011


Receipts - since 12/01/2011


Friends of the Green


Payments Approved - 02/03/2011


Payments Approved - 02/03/2011


Room Hire (02/03)


J.O.Nicklin (Fuel)


Nick Williams (web site)


CPRE (paid 02/02/11)


Balance - 02/03/2011




Balance - 02/03/2011




Receipts - up to 11/05/2011

Receipts - up to 11/05/2011



Friends of the Green


Payments Approved - 11/05/2011

B. Lucas (Weed spray) - paid


L. Johnson (Roll field) - paid


T. Taylor (brass plaque) - paid


Balance Carried Forward from 11/05/2011


Balance Carried Forward from 11/05/2011


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Payments to be approved - 11/05/2011

Receipts received but not banked - 11/05/2011

Room Hire (11/05)


Veolia Grant


ALC Membership


ALC Training


Payments to be approved - 11/05/2011

Shropshire Council Loan


T. Taylor (Marquee, Gazebo, sundries)


K. Douglass (internal Audit)


R. Lucas (sundry materials)


J. Newby (Parish Paths)


J. Mead (raffle tickets)


D. Hillaby (BBQ & gas)


Authorisation to pay the following if within budget amount:

Clerks' Salary (Sept 2011)

Clerks' Salary (March 2012)

SABC Group Insurance

CPRE Subscription

External Audit Fees


Resolved: To approve the above payments




31st March, 2011


Balance Brought Forward

Parish Council


Village Green


Total Brought Forward



Parish Council


Village Green


Total Receipts




Parish Council


Village Green


Total Payments


Cash In Bank - Carried Forward

Parish Council


Village Green


Total Cash





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09/2011: Appointment of Representative to the Local Joint Committee:

Resolved: To appoint Cllr. Shirley Davies as representative to the Loton and Tern LJC,


10/2011: Increase of size of Village Green Committee:

Cllr Lucas asked that the Committee be increased to 9. It was sometimes difficult to get a quorum, and it would be good to have people who were ‘active’, such as Vicky Timmis and Phil Heath. It was agreed to allow this, the quorum to stay at 4, with one being a Parish Councillor.


11/2011: SAMDev (Site Allocation and Management of Development)

The Council has already said there should be no development, and it is not clear what advantages there would be to joining in a cluster with Upton Magna and Uffington. Shropshire Council wants a response by the end of the month. It was agreed to stick with the Parish Plan, which said minimal development. The Clerk to write, and suggest a representative come to a future meeting if it was thought helpful.


12/2011: Dog Fouling

This followed an article in the Parish Pump offering training. It was not clear what was involved, and suggested that Dave Roberts, the manager, might like to talk to us.



13/2011 The date for the 2012 Parish AGM is Wednesday 9th May at 8.00 p.m. in the Parish Room.


14/2011 The next Parish Council meeting is to be held on Wednesday, 27th July 2011 at 7.30 p.m. in the Parish Room.



…….………………………………………Minutes confirmed as correct 9th May 2012