Village Green

Withington Village Green: at the heart of the community

A major achievement in the recent history of Withington was the Parish Council’s acquisition of the land in the centre of the village in 2007 to develop into a village green.

The village green is used for various events, including a village Fun Day in the spring and the Village Fete in the summer. It also serves as a playing field for football and other sports.

The green is being developed by a local Management Committee, set up to prepare a maintenance and improvement programme. Minutes will be published here as and when available.
See "What's on in Withington" and the "Village Calendar" for details of events on the green
Friends of the Village Green

If you’ve enjoyed the fete, the the bonfire and fireworks, walking around the path, exercising your dog, watching the children play football on a Thursday evening, the security of not having a major housing development in the centre of the village or just sitting on the bench watching the world go by… why not become a friend of the Village Green?


How do you become a friend of the Village Green? Just make a small, regular or one off donation that will be used for the upkeep of the village green and if you would like to take all the hassle out of making a regular donation, you can do it by direct debit. For more information contact Phil Heath tel: 07789 915323 / email, or  Alan Williams tel: 709282 / email
  • See photos of the village green in the Withington Photo Gallery
  • The development of the village green was partially supported by the Veolia Environmental Trust. See their news item on the village green here (opens in a new window).

Sunday Funday

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There is a rounders challenge between the Hare & Hounds and National Trust on Sunday 26th May.
More details to follow when finalised.


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Minutes of the Village Green Committee Meeting, 13 October 2010

posted 5 Mar 2011, 02:24 by Nick Maton-Williams

Withington Village Green Committee

Minutes of the Committee meeting, held on 13th October 2010



Present: Committee members in attendance were Tom Taylor (Chair), Alan Williams (Treasurer), Ron Lucas and Julie Mead(Secretary).


Apologies: Apologies were received from Brenda Marshall.


Approval of Minutes: Correction of minutes of 18th March – the sum of £3250 for the raffle prize voucher, should have read £250. The minutes of 18th March and 28th July 2010 were then approved.


Matters Arising:  A new sign has been made ‘Mud Keep Off’ which needs erecting by the pond area. A new tax disk has been purchased for the mower. A new padlock has been purchased for the gate. The previous one is to be returned to JM.


Chairman’s Report:

The cricket competition between neighbouring villages which was held on the Green in September was a success.

An application was made to the Local Joint Committee was made, submitted and discussed at the Joint Committee Planning Meeting. Shirley Davies represented Withington.

Veolia have agreed to fund benches, trees and more hedging plants for the Green.

The suggestion of a dedication to Peter Davies, is to be further discussed, The idea of a rock has been raised.


Treasurer’s Report:

£1020.19 is the current balance. Donations from Friends of the Green totals £162 to date. A number of outgoings include payment to Trevor Lewis for pipes used on the Green, insurance and a new gate lock.


Ron Lucas Report

The cricket competition was enjoyed by all.

The weeds on the Green are growing and will need to be sprayed in the spring. Ian Roberts has agreed to spray for approx £30-40. Suitable weed killer not dangerous to animals needs to be bought.

The mower is working well.

A supply of fine gravel will need to be sourced to top up the top surface of the new path.

The Green is being extensively used by many people, not just children.o LJC


Claim to Local Joint Committee

A grant totalling £2264 for the following items have been requested:

Two 4 x 8 metre party tent/marquees

Two 3m2 gazebos

Four folding tables

One 8 seater picnic table

One green oak bench

One gas barbeque plus one gas cylinder

(Further benches have been requested to be funded from Veolia).


Replacement Marquee

The Committee proposed to replace Julie Mead and Carl Pavey’s marquee that was irreparably damaged during the Funday. JMead refused this offer stating that this was not necessary. The need for applying for two marquees was still however strongly felt to be needed based upon all the activity of the Green throughout the year.


Dedication of Access

The new pedestrian access is now legally owned by the Parish Council. The suggestion of allocating this strip of land a ‘Declaration of Trust’ through the ‘Fields In Trust’ organisation was discussed and felt to be a good idea as it would

secure it in perpetuity. There is also an opportunity to  dedicate this strip of land to the ‘Friends of the Village Green’, i.e. to all those people that helped make this whole village green project a reality.


Veolia Claim

The claim for funding for benches, trees and hedging has been agreed in principle by Veolia. The proposal for planting of trees and a willow on the north side of the pond was discussed.


Work Parties

The goal is to plant bare rooted trees in early December. It was agreed to try and convene a working party on Sat 11th  and Sun 12th December.


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