posted 2 Jul 2012, 02:12 by Bernie Jones

These delicious biscuits are perfect to serve with many of the summer fruit recipes.

Makes 18-24


60g/2½oz softened butter                                                                        25g/1oz ground almonds

75ml/5tbsp plain flour                                                                                          1.5ml/¼tsp vanilla essence

15ml/1tbsp cornflour                                                                                          2-3 drops almond essence

2 medium sized egg whites                                                                           50g/2oz flaked almonds

1.5ml/¼tsp finely grated orange zest                                                      Pinch of salt

75g/30z caster sugar


Heat the oven to 220C/425F/gas mark 7.  Use 30ml/2tbsp each of butter and flour to grease and lightly dust two baking sheets.

Sift the remaining flour with the cornflour 3 times.  Mix the egg whites lightly with a fork to break down the gelatinous threads.

Beat 40g/1½oz butter with the grated orange zest, sugar and salt until fluffy and light coloured.  Add the egg whites gradually, beating vigorously.  Fold in the sifted flour, followed by the ground almonds.  Flavour with vanilla essence and almond essence.

Drop half the mixture onto one baking sheet – 1 tsp each for very small thin tuiles, 1 tbsp for larger tuiles, spacing them 10cm/4in apart.  With a damp knife blade, spread each mound out into a very thin disc – 4cm/1½in. in diameter for small tuiles, 7.5cm/3in. for larger tuiles.  Make sure the discs are evenly thin throughout;  if they are slightly thicker in the centre, the tuiles will be spongy instead of crisp.  Sprinkle each disc with flaked almonds.

Bake for 5-7 minutes, or until the tuiles are golden, with a fine brown fringe.  Have a rolling pin (or any other metal, glass or wooden round object with a similarly curved surface) ready to shape the hot biscuits. 

As soon as the tuiles come out of the oven, quickly remove each one from the baking tray with a palette knife  and arrange it on the rolling pin, almond-side up.  Leave for a minute or two to harden and to take the curved shape.  Then transfer the wafer to a cooling rack.  Bake and shape the remaining tuiles in the same way.  DO NOT PUT BOTH TRAYS IN THE OVEN AST THE SAME TIME AS THE TUILES WILL COOL AND HARDEN BEFORE THEY CAN BE SHAPED., 

Keep tuiles crisp in an air-tight tin until served.