Withington Parish Plan

The Parish Plan is an important document as it states the views of the residents of Withington with regards to the future direction of the village and feeds directly into the Shrewsbury Area Place Plan, which is used by Shropshire Council Departments when reviewing requirements for such projects as road improvement, housing and commercial planning, water and sewerage.
The Withington Parish 5 Year Plan was first published in 2003 then revised and re- published in July 2008 and updated again in 2013.
The update to the plan was conducted by analysing answers to the questionnaire distributed to each household in March 2013. 91 questionnaires were distributed, 59 were completed and returned. The Shropshire Rural Community council carried out an independent analysis of the results using computer software specifically designed for this purpose.
To view the latest 2013 Withington Parish Plan (PDF, 3.9 mb) please click here.

The 2003 and 2008 Parish Plans can be viewed or downloaded as PDF files by clicking on the links below.
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