Local Services & Trusted Tradesmen

Listed below are local business and tradesmen who have been recommended for addition to the website by individual community members. If you would like to add to this list, please contact us
Please note that Withington Parish Council does not endorse any companies or individuals listed here, and gives no guarantees about their work. You access and use this listing at your own risk.

Domestic help, plus dog walking etc.

Nicki Bowen
Nicki Bowen is used by some households in the village as a source of domestic help, including dog walking, house/pet sitting etc. A reliable, friendly service has been assured and references can be provided. Contact: 07527 777536 or email nb7541@googlemail.com

Architectural Services

Christopher Roscoe Associates
"When we decided to build a detached garage with a home office above we employed Withington based Chris Roscoe to prepare outline and detailed drawings to meet our requirements and to obtain all the necessary Local Authority Approvals. Given we were building within the curtilage of a Listed Building Chris had to liaise closely with the building contractor and the conservation officer to ensure that the building was of appropriate scale and design and was constructed with suitable materials and detail. We are absolutely thrilled with the result and should we require more work in the future we would use him again."

Phil and Jan Heath – The Old Cottage Caernarvon Lane,Withington.

Tiling Contractors

David Griffiths, Ceramic and Stone Tiling Contractor
"David laid a limestone floor in our hall, sunroom, kitchen and ground floor shower room last July.  He did an excellent job, was polite and punctual, and worked as cleanly as he possibly could tidying up everywhere well before he left each evening.  He's a Shrewsbury man who learnt his skills in his Father's business which he has now taken over." 
Contact: 33 Coldridge Drive, Herongate, Shrewsbury SY1 3YT
Tel: 01743 357878  Mobile: 07970 842839
Email: griffiths6rf@btinternet.com 

Window Cleaner

For local window cleaning services call Ray in Upton Magna, tel 709396
Musical Goods
Salop Music Centre 
Andy Rowley and the rest of the team have always been really good supporters of Withington, providing sound equipment for the fete and funday and installing the hearing loop and PA system in the church at a very competitive rate.
The shop just off St Michaels Street, Shrewsbury concentrates on musical items including sheet music, instruments, recording equipment and PA systems. 
Gardening, fencing, landscaping
Brian Powell, tel 07871 493183 www.brianpowellservices.com  (opens in a new window)
To advertise on this site for a very modest fee, contact Lisa Gray, email graylisajane@gmail.com.  All proceeds will support village activities