Withington Home Guard

The 11th Home Guard Battalion King‘s Shropshire Light Infantry had its Headquarters at Newport. ‘C' Company HQ was at Rodington.
There were three Platoons:-
  • No. 1 Platoon - Rodington
  • No. 2 Platoon - High Ercall
  • No. 3 Platoon — Withington
The Withington platoon was commanded by Lieutenant Harry Thomas, the village blacksmith. He lived at Lea Berries where Ron Lucas lives today. Fred James was the stretcher-bearer, and Felix James was the despatch-rider (on a bicycle!) Jack Pritchard was another member as was David Edwards, late of Upton Magna.
They met once or twice a week in the Church Room. They were originally formed as the LDV (Local Defence Volunteers).
They had a side hat, steel helmet, .303 rifle, bayonet, grenades, gas mask and a Lewis gun.
The Church Room at Withington also accommodated a unit of Regular troops for a time, though it is not clear what their purpose was.
The Upton Magna Home Guard was a Platoon of Atcham HG.