Withington's website attracts local and international visitors

posted 5 Mar 2011, 06:04 by Nick Maton-Williams   [ updated 5 Mar 2011, 06:07 ]
Since its launch at the end of January 2011, Withington’s new website has attracted more than 700 visits, generating more than 3,900 page views.
As with all websites, anonymous visitor information is collected allowing the website team to see where visitors are coming from, and which areas of the website are most popular.
Whilst the majority of the site’s visitors are from the UK (we assume that they are local), to-date, the website has also attracted international visitors from Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Spain and the United States.
The most popular areas of the site are the “news & announcements” section, “what’s on in Withington”, the “historic image archive” and “photo gallery”.
If you have any suggestions for content, or would like to make a contribution, please contact us!