Withington and District Domestic Heating Oil Co-operative

posted 5 Nov 2011, 06:12 by Nick Maton-Williams

We are trying to set up a communal delivery system for domestic heating oil (Kerosene/28 second). We should be able to get reduced prices by ordering in bulk, and the aim is to have the first delivery in January 2012. Deliveries may well be from different companies each time, depending on who is offering the cheapest prices. Minimum delivery will be 500 litres.

It will also mean fewer heavy trucks on our lanes!

We can only work this by using email communication, as there will be forms to fill out, so an email address is vital (unless you can share with a neighbour).

Please can you fill in and return the form below by the middle of November to confirm that you are interested in this scheme, and also if you are likely to want a delivery in January.

Payment for deliveries will be the responsibility of each householder, directly with the delivery company, possibly in advance.

Prompt responses will be necessary, otherwise deliveries may not take place! Please speak to your friends and neighbours who may not be on my emailing list and ask them to reply, too.

Information required from interested parties:

Post Code:
Email address:
Phone no:
Tank position:
Can your tank be accessed if you are out?
Will you be interested in a delivery in January?
Any other comments:

Please reply to: Tom Taylor, thomastaylor_217@hotmail.com
(The Old Hall, Withington, SY4 4PY: 01743 709676)